The Hardest Cannabis to Grow

       These animated motion graphics were created for a blog where it teaches you how to grow marijuana legally in your own home. 
        In doing so, we created an article and video outlining the seven hardest types of marijuana to grow. The Initial concept originally came from videos games where players are able to choose the difficulty level of the game. With a limited time frame, the team had to execute many elements, which includes thumbnails for the online article, different frames for the YouTube video and etc. From the many frames we created, we wanted to repurpose the main frame and isolate certain assets or change the layout. Specifically, in capturing the indoor growth tent environment, such as bright LED pink light and other cannibis tools used by growers. - read the article here
Main Illustration
Repurposed scene for a spot illustration 01
Repurposed scene for a spot illustration 02
(left) Intro for Youtube content  (right) Endtag with branding & "subscribe" message
Vector line assets 
Thank You 
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