AltCoin launch Campaign
Canadian crypto exchange, Newton was launching new alt coins in a series of batches. The team was agile and the goal was to push out new coins rapidly. The marketing team took this opportunity to build a design system that accommodate upcoming altcoins releases in different batches. The launch was successful. Generating new users acquisitions and trades volume raised dramatically. Newton has become the exchange with the largest coin listing in Canada and their listing continues to grow.
Ideation for messaging & art direction
Exploring ellipse & type layout in 16x9
Motion sketch
Custom Teaser for Polkadot
Standard Teaser Light & Dark mode
Launch day!
Youtube Announcement for 4 ERC-Token listing.
Reactivation Posts
Head of Design: Erynn Saunders
Design Lead: Miles Chic
Sr. Marketing Designer: Francisco Park
Marketing Designer: Claire Lester

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